Volunteers and Conservation

Volunteering events take place every Thursday and Friday 10am At the Visitors centre, Runcorn Hill Park, in the formal gardens where the tennis courts and bowling greens are.

Further information about the nature on Runcorn hill and how it is being looked after and protected can be found in the Runcorn Hill Park Project document.

On the 31st March 2014 a group of Horticultural students from St Helens college, came to runcorn hill and planted tree whips in order to create a hedge that will create a boundary between the new visitors centre and the woodland behind.

st helens 1 st helens 2 st helens 3

On December the 21st 2013 a tree plant with the Mayor of Runcorn and the Volunteers of runcorn hill carried out a tree plant to launch the lottery funded project for runcorn hill.

Runcorn Hill tree 4

For the Past couple of months a group of conservation volunteers have been out and about on Runcorn hill park’s nature reserve, carrying out much needed works to change a declining heathland habitat, an area that looked more woodland than heathland back to the beauty of a heathland habitat.

Wild woodland

This picture is what the area looked like before the volunteers got to work, its over grown with bracken and trees making this area look more woodland than heathland.


this is the area now, it no longer looks like a woodland and with all the space the heather shrubs will have the freedom to grow and spread through the area. This will increase the heathland of the site and encourage more heathland flora and fauna to the area.